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Whether you run escort agency, strip club or any other adult entertainment business then you know how hard and difficult it is to market this type of business. Of course, many of your competitors are using adult seo services and it works.

The thing about adult industry is that you are not allowed to advertise via Facebook Ads or GoogleAdWords. A lot of social media platforms will also ban you for adult content. Therefore, gaining attention using traditional digital marketing strategies is so much harder. That why a lot of adult business owners are looking into SEO for adult sites.

Now, how does SEO differ from adult SEO? Since every of your competitor is using adult SEO services, the competition becomes fierce when it comes to SEO. However, you are in luck. I can help you if you run one (or more) of these:

  • escort agency
  • strip club
  • adult website (softcore, hardcore, etc …)
  • tube site
  • sex toys store
  • etc …

Of course, no matter what kind of business you, I can still help you. In fact, some of my accolades:

  • adult site attains first position rankings for many keywords (monthly traffic jumps from 3,000,000 to 4,000,000 and earning – to $600,000 per month)
  • local UK escort business gets first positions for their escort keywords – quadruples traffic and earnings go up to £40,000 per month
  • other (non-adult) businesses see boost in rankings and triple or quadruple earnings (there are quite many of them to list here)

That being said, of course, escort SEO (or any other adult related SEO for that matter) is quite different from traditional SEO. Why? Since everyone is competing for these terms with big budgets, their sites’ technical side of things (technical SEO) are already taken care of. However, backlinks is what matters most in this industry. Escort links is not easy to find however, with my connections that I have built over the past 16 years, I can easily build adult or escort links for you website.

How does adult SEO work?

How do my adult SEO services work? Simple, this is my approach:

  • Initial chat (email, zoom, phone, etc …)
  • Initial  SEO audit/conduct
  • Any necessary technical/content SEO fix recommendations/implementation
  • Backlinks
  • Rankings up

Escort SEO strategies

First of all, escort SEO is considered the same as adult SEO. You will not be allowed to advertise through Google AdWords or Facebook Ads or mostly any ads. The old way used to work really well where escort profiles were submitted to various escort directories with a link back to your agency. However, due to flood of new directories and new agencies, the competition became very high and strong.

Therefore, I represent a new way of ranking high – a proper escort link building outreach strategy. This stratey is not really used by a lot of agencies because they don’t have knowledge or connection so let’s talk about it.

Escort link building services

While majority of escort agencies, directories and independent escorts focus on submititng their profiles in escort directories, buying banner ads on escort websites and focusing on outdated SEO strategies such as spamming forums, blog comments, etc … there are way better ways to do escort SEO.

One of the best escort link building strategies is manual outreach method where we approach proper websites with traffic and ask them to place a link to your website. Of course, it’s not that easy. Threre are certain negotiating and approaching techniques that are required as, generally, webmasters usually reject linking to adult or escort websites due to the industry. However, we are able to get you a link on sites where you probably couldn’t by yourself. Of course, any backlink from a crappy website is not going to cut it so we make sure that the websites we get escort links from are really good with high authority.

However, a backlink is only as good if it is natural and from somewhat related industry or context. If there is a website that talk about Ford Escort then your escort backlink from that website might not be good due to Fords having nothing related to escorts apart from name. The same could be said about security escorting services too. However, if the article talks about corporate or business travel where some business people are known to hire escorts (for companionship, girlfriend/boyfriend experience or any other reason really), mentioning escorts would make sense. That’s where we grab a backlink. There are dozens other ways to get a backlink to your escort agency from other than escort industry.

SEO for Strip Club

If you run a strip club then you might be wondering if strip club SEO is any different from that of escort or adult SEO. Well, yes and no. When it comes to escort, as part of SEO strategy would be submitting escort ladies (or men) profiles to other escort directories. However, when it comes to strip clubs, dancers’ and performers’ information are usually kept secure. So profile submission wouldn’t work. As as matter of fact, whilst escorts and lap dancers would both be considered as adult entertainers, they both provide completely different services. Sure, an escort may provide a lap dancer if the client requests it and the escort know how to do it. However, just because you have a private lap dance, it doesn’t mean that the lap dancer will do sexual acts just because you paid them.

Anyway, that’s just basic SEO for escort and adult websites. Our SEO strategies for strip clubs, escorts and other adult websites are different which proves to be effective. We apply the same strategy across all adult sub-niches. After we make sure that technical SEO and content is up the stardard then we start the link building process. Our backlinks are very powerful and high authority so no wonder that we rank high even for adult industry keywords primarily dominated by large agencies or directories with super high budgets for SEO. However, we still beat them. It’s not easy or fast but we get the job done.

Adult and escort SEO results

escort seo results

seo for escorts results

adult seo results


Frequently Asked Questions regarding adult and escort SEO

Q. How long does it take to rank in adult / escort industry?

A. First of all, each and every website is different. Even within adult industry there are dozens of different sub-niches. Of course, escorts being one of the toughest because of how much escort directories and agencies make, they end up having big budgets for their escort SEO. Typically, with us, it takes around 3-4 months in a competitive and big city (such as London, Manchester, etc …).

Q. How much does it cost to buy SEO services for escorts?

A. Well, again, it’s all about the competition and which locations you are targeting. If talking about escorts, specifically, then you are likely to spend more than you would spend for sex shop or similar. It’s best to get in touch with us so we can quote you.

Q. Can you gurantee first page results?

A. No. If someone promises you first page rankings, please run away from such companies as fast as you can. Us, SEO agencies or specialists, we just can’t promise you results because we don’t own Google and it’s always at Google’s discretion to put your website up. However, that being said, I promise you that we will do our absolute best service and we will deliver what we agree upon (usually amount of backlinks and/or hours spent on technical SEO).

Q. Will you delete backlinks if we decide to cancel the contract/agreeent?

A. No. You paid for work that is to be done and you paid upfront. That also means whatever we did for youo, will remain forever after. We do not indulge in such unetchical techniques.

I have worked with many escort websites over the last decade and a half to know that my services will certainly help you! If you are interested in chatting with me then do not hesitate to get in touch via email, drop me a message on WhatsApp or Skype, or book my 30 minute free SEO consultation and see if I can help you.

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Who am I?

My name is Don Mazonas. I have been entrepreneur for the past 16 years working mainly on SEO, link building, eCommerce side of things and restrictive SEO.