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Are you looking for Pontefract based SEO services? You are in luck. My name is Don and I am SEO expert with 16 years of experience … and I am based in Yorkshire.

Whether your business is eCommerce website, real estate, financial services or a local Pontefract business – I am certain that I can help you with that!

SEO specialist in Pontefract

While I do not live in Pontefract, I am based in Barnsley, which is around 30 minutes away from Pontefract. Face to face meetings are possible even though my prefered way of meetings are over Zoom, MS teams or Google Meet.

Before we go any further, you might want to know why you certainly want my SEo services. Simply, it’s because I have achieved phenomenal results for a lot of clients:

  • eCommerce website goes from £400/mo to £15,000/mo
  • another eCommerce website goes from £700/mo to £12,000/mo
  • a website goes from 3 to 4 million organic visitors
  • many more

Pontefract SEO services

If you run any sort of business or are self-employed and wish to rank #1 for your desired keywords, then you certainly should give me a call or drop me an email and we can discuss it. For me, it does matter what kind of business you run (as long as you do legal business, of course). You see, over the past 16 years, I have worked with a massive variety of clients – local, national and international super brands (I still do). So whether your business is massive selling nationally or internationally – I can stil help.

SEO consultant or SEO agency?

Now you might be wondering whether you should go with SEO consultant or SEO agency? Well, I have had other SEO agencies to outsource  their work to me because for some reason they couldn’t handle … usually due to lack of ability to build links.

Why not just get in touch with me and then let’s talk?

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Who am I?

My name is Don Mazonas. I have been entrepreneur for the past 16 years working mainly on SEO, link building, eCommerce side of things and restrictive SEO.

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