Healthcare, Alternative Medicine & CBD SEO

Healthcare is one of the largest and most profitable industries in the world. From healthcare equipment to vitamins, alternative medicine and general healthy lifestyle. Whatver your healthcare business might be – you need healthcare SEO.

Let me explain. These days a lot of people are in a lot of pain. Now there are more sitting/office jobs than there has ever been. A lot of people have problems with their backs and general health (due to COVID-19 and other things).

Healthcare and CBD SEO agency

A lot of people are also looking for alternative medicine. Whether you are a CBD company looking for CBD SEO agency or another alternative medicine that requires healthcare SEO done – we are the company to choose. Why? Here are a few reason:

  • I have 16 years of experience in SEO with massive proven track record of ranking successfully
  • I have worked for a health related ecommerce websites for a long time now (you can check out our eCommerce SEO page)
  • I have delivered 300% ROI (meaning what the client spent on their SEO, they got 4 times back)
  • I know healthcare and all the legal stuff when it comes to advertising and marketing

As you can see, I have proven tack record of ranking websites on first positions. I am not interested in ranking you on page 1 – I want you to rank on the first position that’s one of the reason why you would want to hire me as your Healthcare SEO specialist. I have probably more practical experience than any other CBD SEO / Healthcare SEO agency in the world.

Also, majority of agencies work with multiple clients who sell the same product in the same area. How can you trust a healthcare SEO agency if they are also working for you competitors too? This is where I am standing out of the crowd – I will not work with your competitor if you are my client. Period.

Now if you are interested in working with me and using my services – whether it’s eCommerce SEO, Real Estate SEO or Healthcare SEO – just drop me an email and we can start from here.


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Who am I?

My name is Don Mazonas. I have been entrepreneur for the past 16 years working mainly on SEO, link building, eCommerce side of things and restrictive SEO.