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Hi there. is your business based in York? York is a great city to have a business in – very easy communications to even larger cities of Yorkshire – Leeds, Bradford, Manchester, Sheffield, etc …

Anyway, it does not matter what kind of business you own – small, medium or large – you can always benefit from SEO.

SEO agency York

If you are running an eCommerce store that sells nationally or internationally – it’s great, search engine optimisation services will certainly help you out with getting more organic visitors to your website. You don’t necessary need to run eCommerce website to benefit from national and international SEO – you could be just a manufacturing company looking for manufacturing SEO services, which, again, is absolutely fine – I am certain that I can help you out. Or, perhaps, you are a real estate agency or financial services provider and looking for SEO for financial services? Once again, I am certain I can help you out with SEO.

Local SEO agency in York

But, perhaps, you are a small local business instead? I can also do local SEO for your business. The strategies are different from national or international SEO, however, I can put you on Google Map and get you to first position in front of your perfect audience. Of course, York, itself, is not a big city – around 200,000 people living there but it is large enough to probably have some of your competitors offering the same product as you offer. Therefore, getting above your competitiors could mean a huge difference

SEO consultant in York

If you are looking for someone who could consult you about SEO or, prefer, someone who could rank your business on top, you can always drop me an email, WhatsApp me (there is a button on the right side of the website) or book me for a 30 minute consultation (FREE) and then we can go from there.

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Who am I?

My name is Don Mazonas. I have been entrepreneur for the past 16 years working mainly on SEO, link building and eCommerce side of things.